Sunday, September 26, 2010

2010 LiderES Prize Winner for Environmental and Social Impact - Sandro Javier Orue Cruz

PRISA at a glance

  • Industry:Organic Fertilizer
  • Company:PRISA
  • Impact areas:Environmental
  • Consulting focus:
PRISA is a family-owned business founded in 2003 by Sandro Javier Orue Cruz in the city of Masaya in response to the demand for fertilizers from small and medium-sized producers. With little competition and a market filled with low quality products, PRISA found a real market opportunity. PRISA started offering organic products with an absorption rate of 95% (compared to leading competitors' absorption rate of 50%), which allowed for higher quality, environmentally friendly products. The company proved to be an instant success.
PRISA initially produced four types of basic products: triple 20, super boron 7%, super calcium 10% and potassium 27%. Eventually, new products were developed from the application filed by the producers and organizations that established relationships, such as PROMIPAC, CARITA ESTELI, World Vision and CLUSA. By 2007 PRISA had six types of products including the super 7% magnesium and copper pentahydrated 27%.
PRISA has developed organic and natural fertilizers that are harmless and will not pollute water sources, soil, or groundwater. This company offers seminars on good agricultural practice and made several technical visits to producers to maximize the scope of their business.

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