Thursday, November 17, 2011

Earn Money Online With Sitetalk Unaico

Just give me 5 minutes and you’ll get to know how useful can this ordinary sitetalk  to you. I know you have already joined but I’m sure there are people who have misguided you due to which you are not able to avail from sitetalk. I won’t praise this site because by now everyone knows that this is a trusted and 0% loss site . Lemme take a shortcut and explain to you how this works: Earning estimate: For 2 referrals you will earn 10 cent weekly . Don’t be tensed and see how you can make downline Suppose, you wanna make 10 people join (you can invite more people too) To do this, you have to make people undertand how this thing works. You have to teach them how to work on this site .

Now see

Your referrals = 10 referrals

Your 10 referrals make 10 refrrals Meaning 10 x 10 = 100 (now you will have 100 referrals )

Then continue and soon these 100 referral members will make 100 meaning 100 x 10 = 1000 referrals Then 1000 x 10 = 10,000 And so Onnn …. you can’t imagine how your team will increase in a few days Ok lets not fly too much … for example you make a team of 10,000 members You have 10 direct referrals and the indirect 10,000 referrals have the same value as that of the 10 direct referrals So you will Earn 10 euro cents weekly for 2 referrals and you will Earn 1 euro weekly for 20 referrals Suppose you have a team of 10,000 , Then 10,000=500 euro So you can see your 10 referrals have provided you a weekly earning of 500 euros Can you miss this amazing chance?

No you are not dreaming , with site talk we make this dream come true Now see how to join and work:

1: Signup on sitetalk free (better become someone’s referral because when your upline is strong,70% referrals will join you themselves if your upline is strong , if it is not strong you will have to put in alot of hardwork ). So Join with my link so that you don’t have to work hard.

2: All information should be accurate including national ID card information because you’ll be getting payment from local bank.

3: According to sitetalk rules, you must 100% update your profile after joining

4: You must login atleast twice in a week and update your status so that you are recognized as active user These are the main things . You’ll have to make referral link yourself in this way: username.
Now I’ll tell you that your where and how you can see your earning and referrals etc You’ll have to go to this site ( ) this is the head of site talk. You’ll login here (username and password will be the same as for site talk ) So you’ll be able to control everything from here including your earning and active referral members.