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deksamblogger.blogspot.com is a blog (weblog) website aimed at those interested in Entrepreneurship, Blogging, Freelancer, Technology, latest products updates.
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About Shaun

My name is Shaun and I’m a new Blogger trying manage a living from this new and dynamic medium. I own the same blog Shaun's Blog on the blogspot hosted platform. Blogging is my hobby and I'll take it later on along with my profession.

Back in 2009 I had been emailed an article about ‘Earning Money Online’. I didn’t know it at the time but that moment changed my life.
After some days of reading the article I had started my own research – a research to earn online.I got many ways. But I found earning through blogging is a professional and most recommended way of earning. Then in a matter of seconds I had owned my on blog on blogger platform but now that blog doesnot exists. where I’ve explored issues of different religions and Blogging ever since. I’ve learned so much from the experience of that blog that I’ve since started many other blogs.
But I could not grow such a traffic to my blog and haven't grown in popularity. After learning full time ins and out of blogging. Back in September 2010, I started the deksamblogger.blogspot.com
This site is dedicated to helping other bloggers learn the skills of blogging, learn freelancing, getting news about entrepreneurs share their own experiences and promote the blogging medium.
If you would like more information on MaskedBlogger please get in touch through my contact page.

I hope you enjoy Shaun's Blog.