Sunday, October 31, 2010

Avoid Credit/Debit Card Frauds

When a credit/debit card transaction could not be completed online, the credit card company helpline was contacted. It was found that a prior phone-call notice was needed before any transactions. The notice was given on phone as required and the transactions was safely made online. It was a safety precaution to prevent unauthorized transactions.

In another case, a credit/debit card statement shocked someone when they noted that it had mentioned an expensive purchase that they had never made. On being contacted, their bank confirmed amount of a hefty amount a few days back.

The money was never recovered despite much effort and correspondence with the bank and the credit/debit card institution. Happenings of credit/debit card fraud may not be so frequent on any specific country but they are definitely on the rise.

There are many ways thieves use to steal your money through your credit/debit (ATM) cards. For instance, an ATM card skimming device resembling a part of ATM machine can record a video of typing your personal identification number (PIN). A duplicate keypad may be placed over the actual one, recording the sequence of keying in. A cyber crook can pick up vital information through phishing and use it for credit card fraud.

Thieves managed to have their your card jammed in the machine. A helpful stranger approaches and suggests that you try to key in your PIN but the card remains stuck. As you leave, the card is removed. He already has your PIN number.

An unscrupulous clerk swipes the card to record the vital information into a hidden device which allows them to make a duplicate of the card. Your PIN information is recorded at the same time.

The sales clerk uses a bogus PIN pad that copies your card and its information and issues a fake transactions receipt but does not actually pays cash for the purchase and uses the information to take out money from your account.

Observing a few safety precautions can protect you from credit/debit card fraud:
  • Protect your card, specially your PIN code. Do not share it with anyone. If you suspect someone has discovered your PIN code, change it immediately.
  • Memorize your PIN. Do  not write it on or near your credit/debit card.
  • Avoid using personal information such as your house phone or phone number or date of birth for you PIN number.
  • Use your credit/debit card at a familiar place such as a bank branch where the ATM is constantly under surveillance by the bank employees.
  • Before and during making a withdrawl, keep an eye on your surroundings. If you notice a suspicious activity, leave the place immediately.
  • Using an ATM during the late hours, choose one that is not isolated and is being used by other people.
  • Avoid using an ATM with strange protruding attachments. Report to police or the bank authority if you find a suspicious attachment.
  • Make it a habit to cover the movement of your fingers on the keypad when typing in your PIN number to avoid being recorded on a hidden camera or from intruders.
  • Closely review your online bank account every week so that you know if a fraudulent withdrawl is made.
  • Count the cash at the terminal and put it away safely in your pocket or handbag before you move away. Collect the receipt and your card. Never walk away from the ATM with cash in hand.
  • Report lost or stolen cards as soon as possible you no longer need them.
  • Tear up your receipts as soon as you no longer need them.
  • To protect your money, designate a separate credit/debit card for internet shopping to keep track of your online purchases. An ''https''  in a URL address signifies a safe website and you can confidently enter sensitive information. Sites displaying certification symbols such as VERISIGN Trust Seal can also be trusted. You can also ask your credit/debit card company about getting a virtual account number that's good for only one purchase from a specific vendor.
You must notify your bank and the credit/debit card institution as soon as you are aware of a fraud. Keep a detailed written record of the incident. You may be quizzed about the circumstances of the loss to ensure that you had no part in the fraudulent transaction.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dxg 5d7v Worlds First 3d Video Camcorder

With the world beginning to get to terms with HD equipment, it is only fitting that the world's first 3D enabled pocket camcorder has been launched. Courtesy of DGX, no glasses are required to appreciate the 3D imagery, utilising the 3.2-inch LCD camcorder display, on the included 3D 7-inch media player.

The camcorder also takes 2D images and video, but the 3d feature will be the persuasive selling point. The camcorder includes touch-screen technology and a remote control allowing you to view and control your video content and still images quickly and effortlessly.

Here are the technical specifications:

DXG 3D Media Player Specifications:

Dimensions: 8.39" (W) x 5.41" (H) x 0.94" (D)
LCD: 7" Parallax-Barrier Auto-Stereoscopic (Glasses-Free) TFT Display
Resolution: 800×480
Display Effects: Normal, black and white, Sepia, Lens Distortion
Video Format & Resolution: MPEG4, AVI, 720×480p at 30fps
Audio & Image Format: MP3; JPEG
Control Format: Touchable Keys, Remote Control
Audio & Video Output: AVOUT, Earphone Stereoscopic Output
Storage: Supports SD/MMC
Power Supply: 5V DC, 2A
Output Interface: USB 2.0
Its Price is $599.99

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Good Boss Who Wants To Run A Good Company


To become a boss just require approval and trust of the higher management but to become a truly good one requires the trust and loyalty for your subordinates. Great bosses  have this innate quality of being leaders, friends, teachers, coaches and sources of inspiration, all in one. People who have worked or are working under the supervision of a good boss  light up  with joy and speak about them with praise and reverence.
The reason being such that such bosses can shape and advance your career in ways you never thought possible thereby changing your life in the process. If you find yourself filling a boss’ soes, remember the following key points that will steer you towards becoming a good boss.

Good Communicator

A good boss always communicates effectively and explain  tasks and assignments accurately and precisely to his/her team, including the expected results, the execution, the deadline, and anything else that would help employees in completing the task at hand. He/she is also a mentor to his/her employees and helps them grow and develop to be the best that they can be.

Team Protection

“They (bosses) take pride in being human shields, absorbing or deflecting heat from inside and outside the company and battling idiots and slights that make life 

The article “THE BOSS AS HUMAN SHEILD” BY Robert Sutton, a professor at Stanford University, writes
As a boss your team is your responsibility whether you like it or not  and their actions ultimately hold you accountable. At times their negligence can put you in a very awkward situation leaving you with two choices, shield the errant or use him/her as a shield. Choosing a latter may temporarily protect you but it is the former which will win you the respect and loyalty of your entire team. Rest assured a loyal team will go the extra mile to achieve the desired results that will eventually make you look good.

Avoid Pick Favorites:-

A good boss Is a fair boss. Employees expect managers to treat everyone fairly. For example,
If you bend the rules for one employee due to a special situation then you must act consistently when a similar situation occurs with another employee. This creates a perception of fairness and a perception of favouritism.
Giving a particular employee too much attention or ‘office time’, maintaining double standards in your treatment towards employees when they do something wrong and actively supporting one and ignoring the rest are just some of the ways you can create divisions within you own team.

Engage Your Team:-

A good boss wants his/her subordinates to use their knowledge, creativity, skills and authority to produce results allowing them to take decisions without consulting him on every minor issue. He avoids micromanaging his subordinates and trusts them, intervening only when something contrary to the trust or contrary to the expected result occurs. Such a boss creates a challenging environment where employees can unleash their true potential and contribute to the bottom line of the business.

Hide Their Weakness to Public, Praise them there:-

Praise is the most effective form of feedback and a powerful motivator. Let’s face it, all employees want to be recognized when they do something praiseworthy. Make a habit of recognizing good performance, hard work and improvement. A good boss  knows that praises should be done in public while criticisms should always be kept private so that the employee’s self respect, dignity and confidence are left unscathed. Mistakes in the work place should result in correction not retribution.


One of the main reasons presented by researchers behind people leaving their relationship with their boss. Only in a perfect world would all bosses be perfect. Employees are not looking for the perfect boss, just one that understands them and treats them fairly. In return they are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that the task is completed in a timely manner and to the best of their ability. If you find it difficult to be a good boss then try not be a bad one either.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Blog Content Writing Tips

The world today is of blogging. People all over the world are using the blogging as a fastest source of communication on internet. There are also some group of people who starts the blogs Submit as their private personal diary where they can post their daily activities, views about all kinds of things and any type of information that they want to keep safe or share with the world.
People here are totally free to add and put the words which are in their thoughts and which they want to share with their communities and friends. Some uses a common theme so that all articles concentrate on a certain topic only which reflects their expertise. And there are other sort of people who uses it for promoting their products and services to the international society of people. Today the blog is effectively used by wider groups of people and they have just starting up the money making from their blogs.Here is the must have 5 Tips for beginners to make your blog posts perfect.

1- Focus on the Content which is King
If your content is fresh and original, this means your blog has already standing out of the crowd and the time you are dreaming of is near to you.

2- Make Your Post short and to The Point
I know you are the perfect writer until now and you know all about the content of your websites. But it will be better that your posts are short and to the point. First think and then write about it.

3- Avoid the Grammatical Mistakes in Your Post
When you have finished writing it, take a look and revise at the articles you have prepared for posting. You will see that there may be some of the grammatical mistakes that you have not seen, while writing. So always learn to edit your post before publishing it.

4- Do Not Just Copy your Content
You should not just copy your content but you should focus on expressing your own new and attractive ideas that can make your readers enjoy reading it.

5- Check Your Post before Publishing
You should always check your spelling and other grammatical mistakes before you submit your post. If your posts are full of misspellings and words that have irrelevant meanings, people will not take anything you say seriously and can leave your blog.
Also you should add some relevant pictures and videos for your post to make it really live and interesting, so that your readers will take them more seriously and interestingly.

Monday, October 4, 2010


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