Saturday, September 25, 2010

Aida and Oscar Garcia

  • Industry:Clothing and
  • Company: Oscaritos
  • Impact areas:Social
  • Consulting focus: Developed a formal accounting system and improved their business administration
When Aida Mayorga and Oscar Garcia's first business began to fail, they realized that they desperately needed another source of income. Starting with just her mother's sewing machine, Aida began to make baby clothes to support her family. To her family's surprise, what began as a side project in their house soon became a large children's clothing manufacturer and embroidering company that now sells more than $100,000 a year in exports. Today, Oscarito's produces some of the best children's clothing in Nicaragua. The company operates out of a modern factory with state-of-the-art machinery and employs over 20 full-time workers who receive competitive wages and insurance and pension benefits.

Social Impact

Aside from producing quality clothing, Oscar and Aida are determined to minimize the waste created during production. Oscarito's uses excess fabric to make backings for bath sponges and mattress stuffing, which are sold to local retailers and manufacturers. It is a win-win strategy: not only have they received national recognition for ¨Cleaner Production¨ and decreased their waste "footprint," but they also benefit from the additional source of income.

Agora's Impact

Oscar and Aida began attending seminars run by Agora in 2005, and Agora has worked with Oscar to develop a formal accounting system and improve general business administration of Oscarito's.

Agora's entrepreneur network has also helped them to connect with clients. With the help of Duke University students, Oscar and Aida are exploring possibilities for expanding their export reach as well as pursuing potential opportunities in local markets. Oscar regularly attends Agora functions in Managua. Having built their company on a solid foundation, Oscar and Aida are well equipped to pursue their dreams for Oscarito's.

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