Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ford Henry - Henry Ford

The entrepreneurs behind the ideas realized that there was a problem that no one else
was solving. They then went ahead and created a solution for it, and gave it to everyone
who was searching for that solution, and in the process, made a fortune.
Henry Ford, one of the richest men to ever
walk this earth. He realized that people wanted to have an
affordable way of travel. So what did he do?
He pioneered the mass production industry and created a giant
car production company. Because the cars were mass
produced, Henry Ford could buy raw materials and labour in
bulk at deep discounts, and could pass those savings onto the
average Joe Blog (pun not intended) on the street.
They loved him for it, and the
evidence is shown in how
successful the Ford Motor Company became.
I am Also One of the fans of Him

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