Thursday, September 16, 2010

Importance Of Blogging To Me

I blog. In fact, this is a nearly daily ritual where I research my space, collect my thoughts, and respond using this cheap but time-consuming tool. According to Technobabble’s  list of analyst bloggers, it’s done well for me, but despite the rankings, what are the tangible benefits?

  • It helps me learn: every topic I post on, someone will add additional thoughts in the comments, so more is gleaned than just me mouthing off. In fact, I get over 7 comments per post on average, so that’s at least a few more perspectives that just mine.
  • It saves my time: I spend about 2 hours every day with this blog, but how does it save me time? This blog is actually an archive and reference point for me, I send links to clients, I’ve lists of the industry, and I can quickly find links, stats, and case studies.
  • It Brings some money: At my previous blog, I brought many of money into my pocket with in just a few months. By taking sponsors ads and others.
This is a blog that will move with me from time to time. I don’t get directly paid to blog, in fact, if I stopped, I’d still get the same size paycheck. I’ll have to be honest however, a great deal of energy and effort goes into maintaining this blog at the current frequency, and it’s not easy. Like a financial plan, you’ll have to budget out time every day/week to do it, and soon it becomes a major part of your lifestyle as I constantly have a filter on when I’m consuming information to see what could be

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