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Freelance A Battle With Entrepreneurs

How Are Freelancers Differs from Other Self Employed Professionals ?

The term 'Freelancing' is often quite loosely used, which leads to many misintepretations and much confusion regarding its nature. As In The Blog SAMBA, Allan Young, pointed out in a post titled 'Freelancers Vs Entrepreneurs',
Below I'll show the statement taken from SAMBA
The Problem is, When a term is overused, It looses meaning and impact

Entrepreneurs Concept Differs From Freelancers

Entrepreneurs are people who launch risky and innovative business ventures, in order to pursue new economic opportunities. Meanwhile, Freelancers may lauch their own careers without setting up their own firms, in a Way, this makes freelancing a low risk enterprise, as opposed to entrepreneurship.
Moreover, Entrepreneurs may hire specialists to manage their company's organisational functions, like marketing or finance. Freelancers, on the contrary, tend to act as lone wolves, managing all aspects of their work themselves, including accounting, business development and following up on receipts from clients. Although entrepreneurs may occasionally undertake freelance work, they may never abondon their ventures to become freelancers. Freelancers may also form labels or personal brand identities, but they may not take the entrepreneurial route and unless they are prepared for the risks, they may continue working alone, while coolaborating with their fellows and industry experts, from time to time.

It Is Not Consulting

Consultants are experts, who advise their clients on matters pertaining to their subjects of expertise. Moreover, consultants work as independent advisers, this allows them to provide objective and neutral advice to their clients, by keeping away from the influence of certain factors with in the client's firm. The expertise of consultants is spread across different domains, such as information technology, marketing, finance, law, media, etc.
The job of a consultant is to suggest possible solutions to a specificset of problems, and as an external agent, he or she is generally not responsible for implementing those solutions, it is the client's internal matter. Although consultants are typically associated with consulting firms, some also work as freelancers. However, it is important to understand that freelancers are present in many different professions, and the scope of their work may include other services, besides consulting.

Is It Outsourcing ?

Outsourcing is a process whereby a (client) firm transfers a part or whole of a specific business activity to a vendor which may be a freelancer or another firm in order to allow the client to focus on its core business. Outsourcing is common in many IT-related professions, such as Web Designing, software development, and on call technical support.
Large outsourcing firms typically offer different kinds of products and services, for which they may offen hire freelancers as needed. For Example:- Many Web design firms hire freelance graphics designers to manage the workloads of their in house design teams. The point is that outsourcing may not always require the direct services of freelancers, as some clients tend to prefer outsource service providers. Likewise, the focus of freelancing is not just to provide outsource services, many freelancers also create and sell original works.

Is It A Part Time Job?

Freelancing is often misunderstood as a part time job, which it is not. Part time employees are people who either work on ad- hoc basis, or have other full time obligations. While freelancing could be one possible way to find part time employment, the same may not be the case with freelancers whose (freelance) jobs could be their sole full time obligations.


If I'll talk about the conclusion of this article, I will conclude that Freelancing is a good work even if you donot know anything about it in the beginning. Then this post also put some of the differences between the Entrepreneurs and Freelancers. I Think this can be very useful article to make good freelancing techniques and knowledge for new freelancers.

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