Monday, November 15, 2010

Freelancer A Little Guide To

I have been researching on freelancers for many months, that What are, Why are, How are, and Where are Freelance, Freelancers, or Freelancing. Reading many many articles relating Freelancers, Freelancing etc. and discussing it with many of my elders those who work in businesses and doing jobs. Many times i discussed it on different Forums and other blog and website Communities, where i got many information and lot of feed backs to my small 5-6 lines post about them in different forums and communities.
Here i am describing a little history of freelancers and then some good ranked freelancing sites.

Back in the Middle Ages, a knight was a member of the warrior class of feudal Europe. In those days, fighting was done on horseback with a long pole, known as a lance, which a knight would use to unseat an opponent. An author Walter Scott used the phrase '' free lance'' to describe a medieval mercenary warrior, who had not sworn allegiance to any feudal lord and whose principal weapon was the lance.
Over the years, the word ''Free Lance'' has evolved to denote a unique breed of self employed workers usually writers, designers, programmers and so on, who offer their services to employers without a long term commitment to them, and charging for their services by the hour, day or job. In many instances, these freelancers operate as a one person business. This was a little review on the history of Freelancers by me. In next series i'll describe the freelance, freelancing and freelancers.
But here i'll discuss some websites related freelancers.

Freelancer is one of the most popular and easy to use freelance websites on the internet, where hundreds of jobs are posted on a daily basis. These jobs are posted on a daily basis. These jobs include various domains such as IT, computing and mobile phones, writing, design and architecture, sales, marketing and more.

Elance is one of the biggest and most diverse freelance bidding services. On this website, the number of bids, depending on the type of account, is also restricted. Here, in order to be a provider or a client you need to pass an exam. The fee varies from four to six percent, in addition to a small percentage for payment processing.

One of the most famous online freelance marketplaces, the job postings here are quite varied. The available filters are quite granular, with project seekers instantly connecting to the kind of jobs they are looking for. Furthermore, the website has its own time keeping software that keeps track of a service provider's time. oDesk takes 10% of the total amount charged for each project.

iFreelance is a service that features a superb organisation for employers and freelancers. In a matter of two to three clicks, every job in your field is presented in great detail. One important advantage of iFreelance is that offline contact is permitted, enabling and encouraging long collaborations. iFreelance charges a monthly fee for participation as a bidder.

On peopleperhour, a freelancer with a standard account can bid for only ten projects, filtering out amateurs that bid for everything but do nothing. Because a customer can post jobs here for free, projects are numerous. Users can also post their portfolios to show their skills. To be able to bid for more than ten projects, a monthly fee needs to be paid. However, the website's commissions are high even for platinum members.

This website has two ways of navigation, one for employers, where all freelancers available are listed, and one for freelancers, which layout projects in an organized way. An upcoming feature is the inclusion of a blog that will help freelancers with their careers. Freelancers are charged five to ten percent of the project value, depending on their type of membership.
Above i have mentioned some of the best freelancing websites, these are the websites, which i have checked out thoroughly up til now, i have more sites to check like 99Designs, Project Simple and v Worker etc., the reviews of these sites will be included in my upcoming posts about Freelancers In which i will go through the history of freelancers to present conditions of freelancers.



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