Thursday, November 11, 2010

Henry Matilla Talking To Middle East Partners

I was watching the movie expandable while i was alone in my room in high volume to observe its sound quality. after one scene the break appeared. In the mean time i started changing channels, one TV channel was presenting Technology speakers program, where I saw Henry Matilla, head of category marketing, mobile computers Middle East and Africa recently came in Middle East to launch New flagship product of Nokia. They discussed with him the brand new strategic focus, the application markets and the future of the browser.
I thought it would be important to me in my blogging, it could be one of my good posts to record his speech and to make an audio podcast. Then i started to record it with my Sony MP3 Player/Recorder. what i found in my recording was lack of quality sound, even i tried to retouch it with my sound editor Audacity, but it was not getting that much quality. then i dropped the idea of podcast and simply typed it while listening (remember the quality was not good that much to be podcasted but i could listen it because i am use to of it) so below are the questions raised and the answers replied.

QUESTION:- What is the core strategy of Nokia for the phone markets given the range of products it makes and the new focus on services ?

We operate from the lowest low end to the highest high end so we can't take a clear cut approach that we see from some of the competitors who just operate in more limited sectors. How I see it (and this makes it personal), however, is that we are extremely strong in the long end and also the mid range. Where we've lost ground is the high end and we'll focus on that in the future. From there, you will have a natural effect on the mid range phones as you bring those features into those phones over time.
QUESTION:-The applications market really has not taken off for Nokia generally as it has for the competition. Why is that ?

We have admitted that Nokia was not the easiest platform to develop on. Since then, we have revised the revenue share ratios with developers. We are also now co operating with operators for payment so you'll see billing being made available through your network. Previously we were dependent on credit cards in countries where there was not much of an updake on credit cards.
We have got a two prong strategy,
First, you will have a global offering through a portfolio which everyone wants to have , for example, games like Angry Birds after which, in order to have mass downloads, we will localise. So I think what we will also see are local apps coming soon. There is probably the way to go.
We have also tried to engage with the developers to make the eco-system easier. We have aligned our regional resources to cooperate more with developers which we have not focused on before. Once you start to see local development of applications, then you will probably also see the uptake on the OVI store. We are also focusing a lot on integrating local content as such as Web TV, e-Entertainment, National Geographic, etc. many of which we will be preloading on the devices as well.

QUESTION:- What is you company's vision of the future of the mobile device ?

We have Internet in the mobile phones for a while, but the one thing that's happening is the new internet experience coming to the mobile. Now what you have is full flash support, so you can pretty much do everything on a mobile what you could do on a computer. So that's one part of mobility.
The second interesting thing is how the future will use the cloud as part of the ecosystem. When speed is no longer an issue, we will store all our content in the cloud and everyone is still thinking what changes that will bring in the industry. That's one of the biggest happenings.
What we are also seeing is a lot of integration of other devices into the mobile. Cameras are starting to get better. On media side, we are already looking at full HD, while on the sound side we are improving. The image and video editing tools available on the devices are exciting because you will no longer need your laptop to produce content. All this is making the mobile device more 'Computer Like.'

QUESTION:- What do you think about apps being the future of internet browsing?

When you speak of the competition, the lack of flash support is what's driving people to the apps store. Do you really, as a consumer, want to have an app for every thing, for your hotel booking, for your taxi, what is limit you had want to go. My thinking is, I would rather go with a device which has a web browser similar to that in a computer so that I won't actually need apps. The apps in many cases making up for lack of browser integration.

This was the ending of communication. But what i found in the answers is their goal is to provide more improved Multimedia that is Camera , Internet Mobility, Flash support, more apps, Ovi Store and many. 

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