Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nokia C3 Reviewed

Model:- Nokia C3
Price:- $157.49 to $159.99
Input Type:- QWERTY.
Design:- Candy Bar.
Display:- 320X240 pixels, 2.4inch TFT.
Dimensions:- 115x58x13.7.
Weight:- 113 grams.
Camera:- 2 MP, 1600x1200pixels.
Video:- 15 frames per second.
Messaging:- SMS, MMS, Flash Message, Audio Message, E-Mail and Ovi Chat.
Radio:- Stereo FM Radio RDS with it.
Games:- Default Installed And Downloadable.
Video Player:- MP4, H.264, H.263, WMV Player.
Music Player:- mp3, WAV, WMA, eaac Player.
Memory:- 55 MB Built-In, MicroSD supported upto 8GB
Battery:- 5 Hours (Excessive Use)
Charging Period:- 90 Minutes approx.

The Nokia C3 has looks like all E series, and E63 in particular. Though it is visibly narrower and slightly lighter than E63, the physical similarities are undeniable. It is lightweight and looks elegant and sturdy, specially considering the price clip on it. Nokia C3 box contains User Manual, Guarantee Card, Ovi Starter Guide, A standard Li-Ion Battery, A traveler charger and a one piece hands free with 3.5mm audio jack.

Three colours availability Odd Pink, White Gold, and Slate Black.
The navigation key, with three buttons on each side just below the 2.4inch TFT LCD screen, including the flat Send Keys at the bottom, and selection keys at the top,separated by two silver, slightly elevated, dedicated keys for the functions that can be customised. The dedicated keys, though useful, are slightly aggravating, as they tend to come in the way of the selection keys above them. Besides that, there are only a few disadvantages with respect to design and the hardware keys- such as the absence of volume rockers and a dedicated camera key. Also, one has to be extra careful when using the Navigation Key, as the separation between its centre key and the keys along its rim is not very distinct. Below the send-keys lies the sure type keypad, which gives the otherwise youthful C3, an executive look. The layout of the keypad is standard, though it takes a while to adjust to its narrowness.
The top of the handset boasts a 3.5mm audio socket, and a 2mm charger plug, completely empty. The left hand side of the handset features the microUSB port and the microSD card slot, thereby permitting a hot-swap. One of the downsides of the C3's design is its front chassis, which is smooth and remains clean. The back of the C3 holds a 2 MP camera (no flash) and the battery. Another disadvantage of the front chassis is its reflectiveness, which makes it extremely difficult to view the screen in sunlight, unless it is titled at a sheltered angle. On the plus side, the battery cover is of good quality and surprisingly smooth around the edges. Pressing the two knobs on either side of the handset easily lifts the cover.

The Nokia C3 runs the Symbian S406th edition software and has a simple user interface. The homescreen can be personalised and laid out in three sections, with editable shortcuts for various phone functions. Navigating around the C3 is extremely easy, the layout, the main menu is typically symbian. Main Menu options can be viewed in different layouts, including grids and listings and can also be moved. They cannot, however, be renamed, nor can new folders be made. The main menu includes the standard options of Messaging, Contacts, Music, Ovi store etc. and additional options for Communities, which is where Nokia allows you to access your Facebook and Twitter Accounts.
Performance wise, the C3 is more or less smooth but not without glitches, as during tests it needed a reboot when we tried to run a couple of apps one after another. To be fair, I did so in quick succession, so I will let that slide, after all, the C3 is not a smartphone. However, one issue worth mentioning is that the battery of the C3 could not be charged to full capacity even after more than 2 hours of charging. I tested two handsets for confirmation, and saw the same results.
The Nokia Ovi store offers a limited number of apps for the phone, which we felt were extremely restricted in their scope.

Making and receving calls on the C3 is a breeze. Unfortunately, you cannot block calls or messages from certain numbers, so users have little choice but to rely on the network provider to block unwanted calls/text messages. In call options include main menu, contacts, lock keypad, hold, call record and make new call. There is, however, no option for voice clarity - something that has been available in various Nokia phones, including the S40 3rd edition Nokia 5300 (discontinued model). Call quality on the C3 deserves special mention, as sound, though sometimes grainy, is loud and audible. The microphones, however are below expectations. During tests, there were complaints of voice breaks and fluctuating volumes at recieving end.
Messaging on the C3 is simplified thanks to the QWERTY keypad. So even with the feature phone message editor, you save on time that you would have otherwise lost with alpha numeric keypads quintessential of most Nokia feature phones. You also have access to a threaded view of all the messages that you exchange with your contacts.

Entertainment options on the Nokia C3 include a music player, a video player, FM radio and games. Though the music player is basic, it has some additional features like stereo widening, which(if active) makes the sound seem fuller and more dynamic, and equaliser, which though cannot be manually manipulated, can be switched to one of the pre arrange options given. The speakers are quite impreesive, as music, when played on full volume, can be heard across rooms. This, of course can be a double-edged sword< just make sure you don't hold the phone too close to your ear, when on speaker phone unfortunately, we sorely missed the volume rockers. Video playback on the C3, though not completely free of distortion, is decent enough and pixellated as one would expect. The FM radio is easy to get used to, but does not work without a headset.
Games on the C3 include Blockd, Bounce Tales, Sudoko and Diamond Rush. In short, they are all simple and addictive. They simply prove that you don't need state-of-art, accelerometer dependant games to entertain yourself.
Though the 2 megapixel camera of the C3 performs its basic function, the results are disappointing. Even if we overlock the image quality which, during tests, was poor even for a 2 megapixel camera, the absence of a dedicated camera key and the editing options available are unsatisfying. When viewed in full size, images were noisy to the extent that even contours between objects were hazy.


 Finally, we come to the C3's best feature its connectivity. We can easily say that its connectivity options are going to be its unique selling point. With options like WLAN, BLUETOOTH and EDGE, going online and disconnection was also prompt and file transfers via BLUETOOTH was swift.


The Nokia C3 is a budget phone with great connectivity options, perfect for users who wish to stay online on the go. it is also better suited for those who prefer conventional phones over ones that are loaded with apps, yet often overlook simple, may not be have the functionalities of a smartphone, it does come close, in terms of appearance, to being one, while remaining simple and covenient use.



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