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Freelancer What Makes It Good

As I mentioned in my last post in the category of Freelancing 'Freelancer A Guide To', that I would make more posts on the same topic, so here I am with it, the second entry in the same category. In my city, I found that there were many freelancers at work, I collected their contacts and had contacted with them, their I asked them to point out main points for what makes a good freelancers, I got many replies and I wrote down them on my notebook and with my new Gold Pen (which I recently bought through Goldmine International along with their membership that GMI Classic Gold Pen), and telling you for first time that I always use to have Notebook and Pen along with me. Lets leave it, coming to the point the things I wrote and then edited and made them read able easily, has been posted below:-


As a Freelance worker, contrary to the common belief, success is no easy feat. What differentiates a successful freelancer from an ''often unsuccessful looking for work'' freelancer is not just personality traits and work skills, but also a sharp business acumen, common sense, and a disciplined work strategy. Following are a few best activities for successful freelancers.

A good Freelancer thoroughly researches his/her prospective clients , irrespective of whether these clients are distant locations (initial point of contact may be via a freelancing website) or in the same city. Ensuring that a prospective client (company, intermediary website or individual) has a good reputation of paying fair and on time is vital. If possible, get opinions from other freelancers who have worked with the client, about the prospective client's work preferences, and agree to a contrary only if the working principles matches those of the prospective client's.

Seasoned Freelancers always opt for a methodical and professional approach when committing to a project. Documentation can mainly be divided into two types
Documents related to the project, and those related to the client. While project related documents vary from project to project, bear in mind that they should ideally cover every detail of the project, right from the requirement specifications document, project proposal, change request forms, to the invoices that specify the payment schedule. On the other hand, the project contract should clearly specify the project duration, working hours and other terms and conditions. Accurate logging of the completed work hours and should always be maintained. A good freelancer prefers the temporary tediousness of detailed documentation over the eventual disasters that result due to lack of documentation.

Successful Freelancer invest in professional legal services to examine their contracts. All alterations or negotiations go in the black and white. Also, never sign a contract without thoroughly reading and understanding it. Fine print and cleverly phrased clauses are often the cause of later conflicts.

An updated Testimonials/Referrals/Feedback from clients after completing and delivering projects are extremely integral for getting work from new clients. Some Freelancers also maintain a project docket, which is basically a lis of all the projects that are currently in progress. Projects on hold, Prospective Projects and Billed Projects.

Successful freelancers never take on more work than they can efficiently manage. They always keep in consideration their travel plans, current projects, and available resources before signing the contract. Few things make a poorer impression than over committing and under delivering.
I myself is not an Entrepreneur or a Freelancer but I can understand the situation when any one has a loads of work on him/her. Many times I myself use to take multiple tasks at once just getting over excited which causes me to perform nothing, so be careful to take the projects and sign the number of contracts.

Good freelancers understand the value of an on going relationship. They strive to produce good quality and timely work, and If the client compensates them fairly, they try not to lose that client as good for your clients are hard to come by.

In most cases, a Freelancer who specializes in one area and has considerable experience is preferred over those who generalize over multiple areas, unless, of course the client is looking for a cheap bargain. Successful Freelancers hone their niche and capitalize on it. However, in the beginning, it is advisable to explore different areas before finding your forte.

If you are new at Freelancing, you really cannot afford to be finicky about certain things such as refusing to work on someone Else's code, documents etc. Good Freelancers show the willingness and enthusiasm to see the project through, and for that, they are willing to be flexible.

Realise the importance of networking with the right people. Maintain professional profiles and blogs online, and participate in professional networking sessions in the offline World as well, because offline connections are usually stronger and better acknowledged.

The transparency of payment processes is something that a Freelancer can never ignore. Good freelancers clearly state what they will or will not deliver for the dedicated money. If you are working with a new client or have acquired work from a new online work website, opt for smaller projects initially to check their payment medium and process.
Freelancing is a well thought out process, and should be taken seriously If what you are looking for is a steady source of income, rather than sporadic spurts of getting lucky. At the end of the day, successful freelancing requires the same amount of dedication, talent and structuring as any other permanent job.
Here writing about something payment process, If you want to have a review of most used payment processor.PayPal than read my teacher's PayPal Review - here.
I am sure It is a lot to have small guide to Successful Freelancers.

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