Friday, November 26, 2010

Google Adsense Finally Approved

Now my teacher does not recommend Google Adsense for the best Monetization option on blog/website. He recommends many other Monetization methods. But now he does not use any of the Adsense Monetization on any of his blog/websites. I am in the beginner levels of blogging, so Google Adsense Program is enough for me in the starting level of Monetization with Amazon Products Affiliations. Let me have a good luck with this.
Earning Online My Failure

I have already told you in my post Yaro Starak And His Achievements that how I discovered blogging. If you want to read my complete story of discovering blogging then -click here- to see it. In the beginning I discovered it only but I didn't know really what it was. I thought it like something websites even I cannot make the difference in general website and blog. Then some of the posts I found describing about Blogger and Wordpress. I tried them too. I was happy to see their Dashboards, I thought that I was in the condition of making Good Website. I selected most beautiful template and naming blog as Shaun or Shaun Blogging, even I didn't aware of It, although I made my first blog, their I started posting about different religions, what I used to think while writing the posts that not to insert post tags and not to allow the comments, because all of you know that website doesn't have any comments and tags system in their articles or home page or other pages. I used to think it was my website, but I was wrong, in the mean time after 2-3 days I applied for Google adsense :-D , look at my work, what I thought, I thought it would be easy to make money with Adsense without any traffic or without any managed system. Then I started another blog regarding Goldmine International, after some days, I left that too. Like this I started 5-6 blogs at a time and all were dead at a time one by one as I didnot earn a cent in 4 months of dirty blogging. The reason was that I was just motivated by money and used to approve my each blog with Google Adsense in 2-3 days after each new blog, and it is the main problem why most bloggers fail then my dream to earn money online got vanished. Finally I forgot it, and had got buzy in my Pre-Engineering studies for the Annual Examinations.

Earning Online Re Dreamed 

One day my friend phone called me. In the beginning we talked general and about our studies, we are school friends, separated in colleges, and now again reunited in the universities. Than he said me," have you ever heard of earning money online?" I told him full story of my blogging, how I dishearted with money making online. Then he told me not to be dishearted here. He asked me to have a meeting, I accepted that, and set the meeting point near our old school.
When we met there and started discussing the topic before starting any thing he handed me a book titled:-

The Membership Site Masterplan
How To Make $250,000 By Launching your own
Membership site
by Yaro Starak 

And asked me to read it thoroughly, then both of us have a lunch together and went back to our homes. I went along with Masterplan in my hand. I started to read Masterplan, then I was realising how a wonderful membership sites are built and what components are involved. I was enjoying reading that. I got very much excited. After reading it complete at once, I made a phone call to my friend and told him how great it was to read it. I said me,'' Now my dear friend what to do?" I replied him in the mood to start a membership site project. We started working together on one membershipsite, basically based on referring system. which is still in developing. Again I found out these things Blog Profit Blue Print, Roadmap To Becomeablogger, amazing videos from Becomeablogger, and Darren Rowse's from ProBlogger his blogging tips for beginners about blogging, on the basis of these, I started blogging too now three months earlier.

Success In Blogging And Monetization

In the beginning reading any more content or any more articles in launching blog, I made a separate e-mail address, I was of the idea that the name MaskedBlogger will lead me to the great success in blogging, but I doesn't happen, although I attracted traffic but not that expected. After making new e-mail, I directly watched 10 Free Videos At for setting up the blog. I did as directed in the videos but one changed I made according to those videos that I didn't make a blog on Wordpress instead I used Blogspot platform for my blog, it's main reason I'll point out in my coming post Why I used Blogger platform intead of Wordpress. I set up my own blog wonderfully, after setting up of a blog , I printed Blog Profit Blue Print and Roadmap To Becomeablogger, and read those two reports and I have my mindset. After learning those Marketing techniques from Blog Profit Blue Print. I implemented it on my blog (, those techniques really benefits me. It grows daily traffic to my site I made 0 to 70+ daily readers with his marketing techniques. In just couple of months I made my blog to be able to monetize able. In the beginning I monetized it with Amazon Affiliate Program, Info links. and I registered with Link Referral to pour some more traffic to my blog. It helped me in increasing 100 to 150+ daily page views on my blog.
Social networking too added some of the traffic to my blog like 15+ daily page views and forum marketing draws some 30+ daily page views to my blog. The Important point to follow in Adsense is to drive traffic more and more from all over the World. Last month I had good traffic, but one page was incomplete thats why I was not able to approved by Google Adsense. This month I tried again after completing all the pages. It was approved and finally you can see it on my blog. This was the short story of my success in Monetizing it with Google.

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