Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Freelancer Get Started

One of my friend told me a story last year about some richest people. There another guy name Farhan, joined our conversation, they pour some interesting tricks in my find of getting rich. And that was the topic of Freelancer. After listening that topic. We were back at our homes and I started searching about these Freelancers. I got millions of topics and articles on freelancers but from the beginning its just the tips, then I Got one article in a magazine, which describes following to get started (Remember I have never been a freelancers.)
The main prerequisites to become a freelancer are a high level of skill in your field and motivation. Once you are out on your own there is no longer the shelter of senior employees to correct your mistakes or cover your faults. Freelancers typically have very well rounded skills as they need to operate as one person team.
The key to get started as a freelancer is to have work. When it comes to get your first job, its really a matter of telling everyone know that you are available for hire. Searching for projects and jobs on freelance websites and forums is one way to get started. Most clients hesitate to hire people on the strenght of their word alone. It is vital that you have an online presence in the form of a website with a distinct and easy to remember domain name. Freelancing of hotmail account just does not come across as professional or serious and impressions count.

When it comes to build your online brand, there are a few key pieces of information that must be present:-
  • An introduction of some sort usually just a statement is best.
  • How else will anyone know what you do ? Your Services
  • Examples of previous work
  • Contact details.
You may wish to make more of your site, work on search engine optimisation or make it part of your work flow process, but for the bare minimum, above four items will suffice.
The above following article, I got related to the beginners.
Below are some more sites of freelancing which I am reviewing, as I told you in my previous article that I would be writing more reviews, below are some more reviews you can check them here

vWorker is one of the oldest freelancing websites on the internet. With numerous projects for designers and developers, this website has a lot of opportunities for users. In fact, Rent a Coder was the first to design the process of skill verification.

Project Simple
On this website, users can bid on the Web Design, Graphics Design, Web Programming, Flash Development, database development and search engine projects posted. Also, projects can be searched by keyword or category. Users can also sign up to recieve e-mails when projects have been posted in their areas of expertise. It costs project seekers nothing to bid on projects. If a user is commissioned to work on a project, the service charges five dollars.

99Designs is a good website for finding and aquiring jobs. The website also hosts an extremely resourseful blog. A while back, 99Designs started a new concept, a freelancer posts his work, a customer likes it, and buys it.
You can check more preview here at - Freelancers A Little Guide To.

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