Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fight Against E-Mail Spams

Bill Gates predicted way back in January 2004.
The Problem Of Spam E-Mail Messages Will Be Gone With In Two Years
How We Wish His Words Had Turned True! Instead, The Unsolicited Junk E-Mail Or Spam Continues To Endlessly Jam Our E-Mail, Leaving Us With A Messy Inbox.
Having Junk E-Mail in our inbox does not only us with a continous mess to clean, it also poses a number of the Internet Usage. For all those who dread the junk they recieve almost everyday, here are some handy tips that will help fight spam effectively.

Protect Your E-Mail ID

Making your E-Mail Address public put it at the risks of being easily picked up by spammers. This is one of the easiest ways through which spammers get into your E-Mail account and is akin to leave the door of your open house, inviting the criminals.
If You regularly posts comments on various polls, forums and blogs, make sure that your E-Mail Address does not appear on any page on the web. Also, if you host or run your own website, use online forms instead of your E-Mail Address. Avoid writing your real E-Mail Address on these forms. There are chances that your information may be sold out or misused which may ultimately clog your email account.

Make Separate Accounts

It is preferable to use seperate E-Mail accounts for personal and professional use. This will help you sort out spam E-Mail. In case you are a frequent online shopper, use a different E-Mail account for buying products online as it can trigger spam messages in your inbox.
Also, for subscribing to newsletters or other publications online, never use your professional E-Mail address as it can expose your E-Mail address.

Keep Eye On CheckBoxes While Registration

Be wary of those boxes that you may find at the end of an online form. You may end up accepting them saying, "YES"
Mostly these checkboxes are Pre-Selected, and once you submit the form your information including your E-Mail address and phone number will be passed over to others. How else do you you think your E-Mail account overflows with spam with messages! So while filling in web forms, check the privacy policy to ensure it will not be sold or passed on to other companies.

Enable Spam Filters

One Of the easiest ways of keeping spammers away is by enabling spam filters. Most ISPs support free spam filtering. Enabling such filters helps reduce how much spam you and other members of the same ISP
Also, must email service providers offer spam filter. Check your settings to enable the filters. Note, GMail has the best spam filters available for a web based mail system.

Avoid Replying To Spam Messages

Responding to a spam message can be really dangerous. Replying back means a user is confirming that the E-Mail address is valid and the spam has been successfully delivered to the inbox. According to McAfee, the list of confirmed E-Mail addresses are more valueable to spammers than unconfirmed lists, and they are frequently bought and sold by spammers, leading to a bigger spiral in volume.
So, These were the above techniques which have helped me very much up til now to fight against E-Mail Spam. If You Have Some Other Than These, Then Feel Free To Contribute In The Comments Below.
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